I’ve worked in various types of graphic and web design environments and roles. I take each experience to make the next better, continually learning the current technology and trends.

Nothing beats first-hand experiences, learning the nuances of different work cultures, techniques and processes. The best part is meeting individuals that you’ll never forget; and learning what type of career activities make design enjoyable and effective.

In these work environments, I’ve had the chance to interact with different types of customers/clients and had an opportunity to experience different ways of approaching projects.

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Check out the list of highlighted project experiences, organized by employer (or contract). View a few Verizon customer testimonials.

Digital + Print Graphic Designer

Enhanced digital and print needs for MCM and their clients, including bids and projects.

Closely collaborated with CEO, business leads, architects, oversea interactive / print vendors, designers and interns. Specializing in signage, wayfinding, illustration, character development, branding, visualization, concept development and artwork.


  • Nuts and Berries project/2013 Food Packaging
  • RFP, Bids and Projects/2013 – 2016 Graphic Support
  • Kahramaa Awareness Park (KAP)/2013 – 2015 Lead graphic designer on museum exhibits.
  • Garfield World Children’s Center/2016 Artwork + Designs

Web Design Consultant

Provided web design expertise for the Government Group at AECOM

AECOM’s Government Group hired me to update their presence on AECOM’s corporate intranet and public facing internet. AECOM was on a new CMS system, which I got a chance to contribute during the planning and implementation of it.

As a consultant, I had the opportunity to engage with the Government Group, Web Services and Corporate Communications. Consulted at the Director/VP-level on branding and information architecture best-practices.

Dependent on the CMS training provided by the company, I applied what I learned in Vignette, to update the group’s presence in an organized manner, adhering to brand and web style guides.

Full-time Senior Web Designer

AECOM acquired Earth Tech July ’08. I transitioned into the Corporate Communications group from Creative Services.

Below is a list of highlighted business groups that I worked with or was part of at AECOM.

Part of 2009 Corporate Intranet Development Team

As one of the web designers, my role focused on the visual interface design. In this team setting, I created the look and feel for AECOM’s new intranet, adhering to wire frames, existing front end code, third-party’s back-end capabilities and current intranet branding, reflecting the voice of the project requirements, the brand and the stakeholders.

Designed and got approval within an extremely tight deadline.

Corporate’s Welcome to AECOM site for new employees

In a role of web designer, I worked within a partly-CMS developed site by IO Media Labs in a .net environment. AECOM took maintenance internally, including new welcome sites development specific to audience.

I worked closely with Corporate IT Web Services and Corp Comm to learn the new environment, update content and create additional sections in a highly time sensitive situation, based on site’s style guide and company branding.

Corporate Communications Email Team

Contributed to the research and recommendations for the corporate email communication process: creation, templating, management and distribution, along with branding, considering cost, usability and audience load.

Corporate Communications/Human Resources

Modified existing human resource communications to be placed online, ie. web banners for employees throughout company.

Various business groups within company

Involved in visual graphic design and layout projects for the intranet, maintaining company and site’s style branding.

Full-time Senior Web Designer

Corporate Creative Services
AECOM acquired Earth Tech July ’08

Working in-house, the customers are basically the business groups or teams that I worked on projects with or for.

Within the Creative Services group at a global environmental engineering firm (~8,000 employees), I had the opportunity to work with various business groups within the company, serving in different capacities, related to web/graphic design for online applications, adhering to the company’s style guide.

Engaged in intranet & internet projects with business groups, I collaborated and formed good relationships with global Web Services team and fellow designers for graphical/technical work.

Below is a list of highlighted groups and projects that I worked with or was part of at Earth Tech.

Part of 2008 Earth Tech to AECOM Transition Team

Working with Corporate Communications, Creative Services and Web Services, prepared public facing web site and intranet areas to reflect and introduce AECOM as the parent company, updating branding and information. In coordination with public facing announcement, internal and external corporate information were updated seamlessly, successfully meeting communication deadline.

Part of 2007 Corporate Intranet Development Team

In the role as Web Designer, modified the application’s default styles and web parts to reflect Earth Tech’s branding, creating the new intranet’s look and feel, within a fast time line. Learned, understood and researched the application, swiftly, to accomplish goal and meet corporate’s deadline.

Corporate Communications

Did continuous work with the legacy, “new” intranet of 2007 and public facing website with different members of the Corporate Communications team.

  • Worked weekly with Internal Communications Director with news imagery for “Feature Articles”.
  • Updated Corporate Communications intranet area.

Corporate groups, such as Human Resources, Safety, Health & Environment, Policies and Procurement, Ethics, some Federal groups

In a Business Technical Lead capacity, helped intranet site owners develop new sites, providing technical solutions, facilitating content layout and updating information.

Intranet Site Owners throughout company

As a Graphical/Technical Resource, created documentation & held online training sessions (hands-on support), sometimes utilizing real time support online by sharing customers’ screen.

Various groups within company, including Technical and Government groups

Support groups’ internal communications with email newsletters & announcements; templates & custom layouts. and AWWarf public web sites

  • Write “project web site” scope of work; timeline, milestones and pricing agreements.
  • Consult web designers for coding and web environment build out.
      • (Water & Power Technologies)
        Web Site Redesign – Enhanced WPT’s online presence by designing a site closer to Earth Tech’s and WPT’s branding, promoting a professional and reliable company. This helped in WPT’s acquirement during the divestiture.Responsible for all phases of project website development; project manage, site architecture, wire frames, look & feel, build, collaborating with designers for comps and production. Maintain relationship with WPT’s Sales Director.


    • AWWarf project in Massachusetts
      New Web Site DevelopmentA public web site for a “multi-organization project” testing hormone levels in the Massachusetts.’ water. It also posts findings for secure viewing internally.

Creative Services Department

  • Externally, set up department site for project-related presentations and secure approvals, including hosting solutions for internal groups.
  • Internally, set department’s intranet area to promote capabilities and services, posting branding material resources.

CGX Print On-Demand Technical Go-to

Part of Creative Services’ team. Helped coordinate the technical and user experience between CGX 3rd party vendor and our Corporate Communications team. Served as technical support for marketing customers using the system.

Contract to Full-time Web Specialist

Part of iCare Team

I’ve collected “Raving Fan” testimonials from customers I’ve helped out, while providing hands-on service as a contractor-to-full-time Web Specialist at Verizon’s iCare Team, for Verizon Superpages, an online business directory.

Verizon focused on high customer satisfaction in product and service.

What I did and my relationship with customers

I helped out small to medium size business owners

  • create + maintain web sites
  • defining content
  • organizing information
  • visually designing web layout

Superpages partnered with a 3rd party which enabled the web specialist to design sites on a CMS type environment, allowing customers to also update their sites independent of the web specialist, after set-up design.

As a web specialist, I

  • encouraged business owner engagement
  • initiated content gathering
  • content developed (imagery and text)
  • web design
  • provided custom web features, outside of the CMS system
    • diving into hand-coded HTML, CSS, some javascript and flash
  • set up search engine optimization (SEO) for crawlers
    • keywords
    • descriptions
    • SEO friendly copy
  • showcased business to stand out amongst others in the directory
  • recommending features
    • custom
    • CMS provided

Raving Fan Testimonials Collection

Verizon’s iCare unit received messages from customers and colleagues. The iCare team would share these messages as “Raving Fan” certificates.

Getting these messages were positive and delightful, especially knowing that we could help and form great professional relationships.

Click the Customer below to read their message.

Michelle Doran from The Dog House

(the customer, sent an email yesterday stating a company was soliciting web related business from her.)

thank you for your honesty and effort! I am with xxx*, and I like it because I can choose a budget cap that suits me, it’s quite affordable. I had a feeling that this wasn’t a service I needed, and I also did not appreciate their hard-sell approach. Next time they call I will tell them I am indeed getting very good service for the monthly fee I already pay to my website provider! You’re the best! You deserve a raise!

Michelle Doran
The Dog House

* other company name anonymous.

Mercy S. Dela Cruz from Ephemeral Epiphany Video Production

I am very much impressed by the service that I have been receiving from your company. I’d like to take this moment to recognize Elaine Nimo, particularly, who have made my experience to do business with Verizon a very pleasurable one. My friends and family are impressed and constantly compliment me on my website. My response to them is often, “My webmaster from Verizon is really good.” All revisions I have requested for my website have been addressed in practically the same day, with explanation and assurance that they will be completed. In addition, she truly is an excellent communicator. I appreciate the time that she takes to return my calls as soon as possible and her speedy reply with great detail to my e-mails. Again, I wanted to express my appreciation for such a wonderful experience. Elaine’s attentiveness and hard work coupled with kindness and professionalism is a magnificent reflection on your company’s image. With this, I hold no hesitation in telling my family and friends about the service you provide. I truly am lucky to have her as my web designer/master.

Mercy S. Dela Cruz, Owner
Ephemeral Epiphany Video Productions


Joey Burris from Burris Insurance Agency

Thank you so much for your help. You did a great job fixing the website. And more impressive is you did a great job with putting up with me and all my requests. Now You – GO GET YOUR RAISE/You earned it on this one.

Joey Burris
Burris Insurance Agency

Elisa Zaccarino, Verizon Sales Representative

She called to follow up on her customer, American Coin & Currency, and wanted to make sure to pass on to Elaine how pleased the customer is with their website and what a great job she did!

Elisa Zaccarino
Verizon Sales Representative 5-24-05

Michelle Doran from The Dog House 2005

I Love It! You Deserve A Raise!
Thank you so very much… it’s such an improvement!

Michelle Doran
The Dog House

Full-time Web Designer to Art Director

High profile clients for major web projects

It was a great experience to work on high profile client projects, from marketing advertisement banners and landing pages, to major web site development, in a team setting. I had the chance to contribute to some RFP work (Request for Proposal) as well, aiding the creative director in a graphic design capacity.

Web Designer

My Web Designer life really began at Apollo. In that role, it was common to work on site maintenance and new site production, working directly within the code using BBEDIT for HTML & CSS and Photoshop & Illustrator, along with some Flash.

Art Director

As time unfolded, I had the chance to work on projects as an Art Director. Within that capacity, it was typical to create Look and Feels and site style guides for new site development, creating the site’s visual brand.

Depending on the client, the site’s brand followed an existing style guide. Print material, like brochures or newsletters, accompanied web projects, which I did as well. I was happy to touch the tangible/print side of graphic design because most of the time was focused on web work.

Below is a list of high profile clients that I have done projects for, working as a full-time Web Designer / Art Director at Apollo Interactive in Culver City, CA.

Anchor Blue/Millers Outpost

Avery Dennison

Bank of the West

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Canyon Beachwear

Carole King

Century-National Insurance Company

Chase Design Group

Christermon Foundation

Circus Circus – Las Vegas

Circus Circus – Reno

Contessa Food Products

Cook Inlet Energy

Dawson’s Creek

East West News Bureau

Easton Sports


Excalibur Online Store

GAM Products, Inc

Hello Mabel

Jack in the Box

Johnny Rockets

Kids’ WB!

Los Angeles Sports Council

LG InfoComm U.S.A., Inc.

Mandalay BayMemorexMicrotherapeutics, Inc.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Online Store

Motor City Casino

North American Travel

Journalists Association

Original Tommy’s

Pala Casino

Pardee Homes


Public Storage

Pure Energy Corporation

Roland Corporation U.S.


Ryland Homes

Silver Legacy



Travelworld Magazine


Watters & Watters

The WB Television Network

West Coast Life

Wolfgang Puck